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Jamaal Anderson Fails To Sack This Discussion

Just a quick post for tonight, as a hard fall on my ass this morning is limiting the time I'm going to spend sitting. I also really enjoyed the level of discourse I got from the last time I asked you guys an open-ended question, so let's shoot for that again.

The question is this: Will Jamaal Anderson be a productive defensive end in this league? Or is he a bust in the making? Pick one of these convenient choices or make your own:

#1: He will be a great player by the end of his career, and it will start this year.

#2: He'll flourish eventually, but not this year.

#3: He'll be a very average defensive end, never with more than 40 tackles and 5 sacks in a season.

#4: He'll be awful, proving to be a total bust.

#5: He'll never even get a sack in the NFL.

What say you, gentlemen?