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Heavy Is The Head Which Wears The General Manager Hat

Tom Dimitroff is wielding a hefty axe right now, and there's little doubt in my mind that he's going to start swinging it soon:

"Right now we have not concluded if we need to go for a left tackle, running back, safety or whatever in the draft and free agency," Dimitroff said last week in an exclusive interview with the Journal-Constitution. "We're bringing it all together, see where our strengths are, see where the money is, examine the [salary] cap ramifications and move forward."

He has a refreshing attitude toward the draft, saying he won't go for a QB in the top five just because it's the popular thing to do. Perhaps most importantly, the team seems intent on freeing up some $20+ million in cap space. To do that, they're going to have to cut some cap-munching veterans, which Wyche provides examples of:

Warrick Dunn: I love him to death, but after last season it's clear he could help another team a lot more than us. Send him on his way with all the honors you can, but if it's cap-feasible he should be cut.

Keith Brooking: See above.

Joe Horn: Oh God yes.

Wayne Gandy: Effective but so old. It's time to revamp the line.

Rod Coleman: Tough call here. The Falcons have a lot of promising young talent already, but Coleman is a pass rushing beast when healthy. I might be tempted to hold on to him if I were the Comrade.

Alge Crumpler: He's not as effective without Michael Vick, and injuries and ineffectiveness ruled the day last season. I think we should cut...

We should....

I can't do it.

Thomas Vladviostok Dimitroff, if you cut Alge Crumpler, I will cry. I will cry the tears of a tiny pigtailed girl, and when they are dry, I will stomp my legs and throw one hell of a hissy fit. It's completely irrational and it may not be good for the team, but I can't let you get rid of one of my favorite players ever and one of the most genuine guys in football. So help me God, Dimitroff.

The problem that Dimitroff faces and likely doesn't care about is how many fans are going to have reactions like me; ideally, he'll make decisions in the best interest of the team even if they're wildly unpopular. It's just going to be difficult for the fanbase to accept that guys who have been such a part of this franchise's lore will have to be chucked to the wayside if this team is ever going to contend on an annual basis. It's a very painful truth, which is why I'm glad we have someone who can apparently see it.

Who else should get the axe?