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Glenn Dorsey Wants To Be A Falcon

Talk about flunking your psychological exam, eh?

Glenn Dorsey must be crazy if he's saying he'd love to be an Atlanta Falcon. The LSU defensive tackle is, in this humble blogger's opinion, the best talent in the draft at his position. Questions about nagging leg injuries and a somewhat pedestrian 40 time of 5.12 seconds could cause his stock to drop behind Sedrick Ellis, but I truly believe he's the better prospect when healthy. Dorsey has excellent size, holds his ground well and has the side-to-side movement necessary to get around offensive linemen even tubbier than he is.

The injury history makes me a little leery, but if the Falcons want a game-changing defensive tackle they can't really go wrong with Dorsey. Hell, they can't really go wrong with Ellis either. I still have to wonder if Jake Long (first guy to make a Robert Gallery comment gets his face cracked) would be the right choice at #3, given that the offensive line is an even bigger need than DT. McFadden is also an option, though the dude needs a sex education class ASAP.

Though I recognize that he's a project, Trey Lewis still...projects well, and Babineaux is no slouch. Still, if Ryan or McFadden are off the board at that point, the Falcons will have to be sorely tempted by Putt, won't they? Do you all think Dorsey is too good to pass up, or is the need greater on the offensive side of the ball? I gotta say it is.

And apropos of nothing, here's MURS re-enacting my day:

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Note: Dave the Falconer's hair, job, and choice of pants may no be identical to this video