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DeAngelo Hall's Foot So Far Down His Throat That It's Tickling His Liver

Goodbye, DeAngelo Hall.

I wish it wasn't going to end like this. I really do. It'd be nice if he just swallowed his enormous pride and shut up every now and then. Take this, for example:

"Maybe that's a sign that they don't want to be good, if they're saying I make the team better when I'm on it, and they're trying to move me and trade me," Hall said.

I'm not saying the new regime is perfect, and just an extremely late first round pick (as the Giants are rumored to be considering) for Hall would be larceny for the Elisha Mannings. But Jesus Christ, DeAngelo Hall. Could you at least pretend to give a crap about anyone other than yourself?

For all his considerable talent and potential, I've been uneasy with Hall for a long time now. He gobbles up some #1 receivers and gets his couch wrecked by the Steve Smiths of the world. In addition, he's been an extremely loud nuisance ever since Jim Mora left. He complains about how much of a microscope he's under while slamming the team, coaches and the whole organization in impromptu press conferences. In short, he's a considerable asset on the field and a detrimental force of nature off of it. In an ideal world, the Falcons could let that slide and keep him around. In the very real, very grim world this team exists in, however, it's probably best for him to go.

Is it unfair to Hall? Yeah, it kinda is. Nobody wants to be told that they're wanted and then be shopped. I'm basically forced to believe in this new leadership, so if DeAngelo Hall and his ego have to go elsewhere to push this team forward, I reluctantly support it. I think I speak for a lot of Falcons fans when I say that I wish Hall had made it easier to root for him out there; unlike with Crumpler or Coleman, I'm not going to be too inclined to cheer for him when I next see him. Like so many Falcons of the last decade, Hall was a terrific talent who will likely leave town without ever having fulfilled everything which was expected of him.

Let's just make sure the team gets value for him, or I'm going to be pissed off.