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Falcons Will Pick Third!

At long last, we know what separates Thomas Dimitroff from every other general manager out there. This morning he swaggered up, his hands on a pair of pearl-handled revolvers, and called "tails" in such a deep and menacing voice that Roger Goodell swooned. His reward?

The #3 pick in the draft, of course!

I think the team is going a little overboard with the way they're gushing over this pick. Unless they do something great with it, it's just another in a long line of Falcons triumphs which is being  pre-celebrated. The possibilities available there, however, are quite literally staggering. Dimitroff could go for Glenn Dorsey to anchor the defensive line, Darren McFadden as an explosive offensive weapon, Matt Ryan as a scary-but-potentially-great choice at quarterback or one of the Longs at tackle or defensive end. There's so many choices that it makes my head spin.

If the Falcons parlay DeAngelo Hall for the 31st pick and others, that will give them a mind-boggling number of draft choices this spring. I'm not exactly a supporter of that trade (more on this later today), but Dimitroff's commitment to rebuilding through the draft has never been clearer than it is right now.

I just hope he drafts as well as he calls coin flips.