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What To Do With DeAngelo Hall

The chronically mouthy corner is also one of the Falcons' most talented players, though many insist he's overrated. The Falcons are exploring a trade for DeAngelo, which would have to bring back a considerable bounty in draft picks or talent in order to be worth it. Lito Sheppard of the Eagles is up for grabs, but he's older and does not have the same kind of ceiling we know Hall has. It's a conundrum, all right.

That's why, as usual, I'm turning to you guys for help. Before examining what the Falcons are likely to do (assuming they don't do it before I analyze), I'd like to ask you to select one of these five choices or your own as the most likely avenue for the team. Is it adios DeAngelo or me encanta, Senor Hall?

1. The Falcons keep Hall and line up the usual assortment behind him.

2. The Falcons keep Hall, but draft a highly touted corner to keep him on his toes.

3. The Falcons trade Hall for Lito Sheppard and picks.

4. The Falcons trade Hall for the best available package, hopefully including some kind of secondary help.

5. The Falcons say "fuck that noise" and cut Hall, with Dimitroff dropping him out of a helicopter into the Atlantic Ocean.