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A Tuesday Spin Around The Division

A look at what's going on around the division, SBNation style, as presented by your fearless blogger:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers JScott is breaking one of the Football Fan Commandments; specifically, the one that says thou shalt not covet thy division mate's tight end. Yes, I know it sounds gay, but that hasn't stopped him from calling for Alge Crumpler. The worst part is that he isn't alone; it seems every team in the division is going to take a shot at him. That'll make the homecoming a little tough.

There's also some interesting discussion over there on whether or not Crumpler is an overrated tight end, with a poster leaning heavily on Football Outsiders to make his point. I would disagree because of his blocking skills and the fact that last year basically torpedoed his career averages, but there's no denying that Alge's injuries are going to scare some teams away. I'm still wishing him luck.

To come back to the Bucs in particular, JScott is really advocating for the team to bring in some strong offensive options. While noting that Jeff Garcia played reasonably well next year, I'd point out that any offensive overhaul over there should start with a new QB. One of these years, that cheerful former Canadian player is going to break down, and it's not going to matter if the Bucs bring in Coles and Crumpler.

And plus, the Bucs still suck.

Carolina Panthers: Next stop, Cat Scratch Reader, where Jaxon examines the possibility of prodigal wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad returning. Jaxon calls the potential move "a step backward," and it's not hard to understand why. The Panthers have Steve Smith, Dwayne Jarrett and a score of fringe value guys. The last thing they need is an elderly possession receiver, which is why I'm openly advocating that the Panthers go out and get Muhammad. It would also be nice if they gave Steve Smith to the Falcons. Consider it? No?

Damn you.

The Panthers have also recently cut chronically concussed linebacker Dan Morgan, whom the Falcons should definitely avoid. If Kris Jenkins was available for a song, I'd say he might be a good veteran option to fill out our weak defensive tackle corps. As he's likely to cost much more than I'd like to pay, I'll say pass. Then, of course, Jaxon would be thrilled to get Alge Crumpler. Great.

New Orleans Saints Sunil from Canal Street Chronicles is...well, no one really knows where the hell he is. Can I get an Amber Alert?

A cursory read about the Interwebs tells me that the Saints are actively pursuing Dan Morgan (why?) and devising new ways to avoid saying that Reggie Bush is an overrated player. A few personnel tweaks in the offseason would make them the scariest team in the NFC South again, though, so I think I'll leave that one alone.

Question of the day: Which NFC South team is Crumpler most likely to sign with?