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Should We Like, Sign Jeb Putzier?

This question was asked first by my batterymate Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle, but I do feel it bears asking for the Falcons.

What I see in Putzier is reasonable pricing, quality all-around skills and the veteran nature coaches just love so gosh darn much. He'd also provide valuable competition for Martrez Milner, who wouldn't be threatened by Courtney Anderson and Dwayne Blakley if they were holding guns to his head. I'm usually of the opinion that all that "age is a virtue" hoo-ha is a load of bullshit, but it would scare me to go into this season with Milner as a clear number one at tight end.

Yes, he's not great. He only played eight games last year and did less than nothing in the receiving game. The point is more that he can, you know, occasionally catch the ball, and he can also block. If Milner kicks ass and passes him, he's a very serviceable backup. If he starts, well, Roddy White needs to get plenty of passes next year anyways.

I also don't feel like tight end should be enough of a priority in the draft that Dimitroff deprive himself of players the team is clearly thirsty for. While I hate that Crumpler is gone (and if he ends up on the Panthers, I will throw myself into the path of an oncoming plow truck), it would be foolish to not bring in a cost-effective replacement. This may be the final time I advocate for a free agent before the draft, but I say go get Putzier.

At the very least, we can call him Putz.