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The Tuesday Plate of Wings

Those look far more delicious than our news for the day. As you may have noticed, Falcon-related material has been scarce lately. We'll still keep this wagon rolling until we get to the exciting stuff, and more roster breakdowns should be fresh out of the oven soon.

 Take it away, me!

AJC guru Steve Wyche ask rhetorically if the Falcons are going to make like a fisherman and gut the roster. I say rhetorically because Dimitroff and Smith are going to have to jettison expensive and popular veterans and ineffective players all over the team if there's any chance for improvement. I love me some Demorrio Williams, for instance, but the Falcons would probably be wise to let him go because they have Stephen Nicholas behind him. I also appreciate dear friend Lawyer Milloy, but Daren Stone can jump over a freaking car. And so on.

As usual, the focus of the article trickles down to QB. Wyche seems to suggest that the Falcons will keep Redman and possibly Shockley and dump the other two, which I mostly support. Joey Joe Joe might also be worth keeping around, but Leftwich's awful, injury-plagued season can kiss my ass. A Redman/Shock/rookie collabo doesn't sound half bad to me.

Noted draft expert Gonzo of the Daily Norseman has us taking McFadden with the #3 pick. Jabs at my purple-loving batterymate aside, I could see the Falcons leaning toward him at #3. He certainly would be the most dynamic playmaker available there. It's just that he might already be gone, or Dimitroff may be looking in another direction. Until we get to free agency and see what the new guys are looking to do, it's impossible to say where they're going in the draft. Which isn't to say it's not fun to guess.

Without sounding ominous, I should note that there are big changes coming here. The entire SBNation platform is changing, with a lot of improvements that will make your reading and my writing a hell of a lot more enjoyable. If you come for your daily visit in a couple weeks and everything looks different, don't worry: I'll still be here, adjusting to my new digs. Make sure to give me feedback when we make the change, too.

That's all for this Tuesday; pray for some exciting news before I start telling you stories about my cats.