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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Is The Run Defense Cooked?

On Sunday, we watched the Falcons get shredded by Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas of the Saints. This was particularly worrisome given that the Falcons will soon face three potent rushing offenses in Tampa Bay (Cadillac Williams, ex-Falcon Warrick Dunn) , Minnesota (Adrian Peterson) and St. Louis (Steven Jackson) and will have to come up with superlative defensive efforts to keep those guys from chewing up yardage.

The question I pose to you fellows before I dispense my own expert well-informed amateurish unique analysis is whether the Falcons can clamp down and put a stop to this wanton running. What is it that put the Falcons in such a bad spot on Sunday, and can we expect to see it again?

Go forth and prosper!