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The Falcons Are In With A Win And It's No Sin



Okay, I've kept a calm and uppity tongue in my head for far too long.

With the win against the Rams yesterday, the Falcons moved to 11-5! Last year, the Falcons were 4-12, and they were widely forecast to go anywhere from 1-15 to perhaps 6-10. We are glizflammin' playoff bound, people! This is not the time to sip a nice wine and discuss the merits of Michael Turner's season. You all need to run down the street in your Falcons gear and scream until the cops come and freaking Taser you! This situation has been preciously rare for this fanbase, and unless you roll around in it and dive through it like Scrooge McDuck in a pile of money, you are not enjoying this properly.

After all, this team will be a legend some day. Fans in Atlanta will mutter about Matt Ryan in bars, reflect to children about Michael Turner, and tell curse-filled jokes about Mike Smith's ruthless ferocity. As great as this season has been, only the mirror of history and time will give them their proper due. The 2008 Atlanta Falcons are that kind of team, one that will live on as a cherished fanbase memory long after those of us who have chronicled this year pass into the void. This could be the very beginning of a truly great run for them, and we could be here to witness it.

But now I'm getting carried away. Whatever happens from here on out, this has been a truly magical season. Enjoy this week, because there's no telling where the Falcons will be after the first week of the playoffs.

We'll break down the game in full by tonight or tomorrow morning, but enjoy this moment while it lasts.