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The Atlanta Falcons Are Playoff Bound!

I lost power after the game last night, so this is coming on a bit late.

Today is a day to celebrate. Whether you think we can pull off a higher seeding is irrelevant, at least for the whole of Monday. What you need to do today is celebrate the fact that the Falcons--our Falcons--have just completed a historic run to the playoffs. I've rarely been more proud of a team I root for than I have this year, and it's been a truly memorable season.

You really have to give credit to almost every facet of the team. The coaching has been mostly excellent, Matt Ryan has put the team on his shoulders, Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood have been beastly, Roddy White and the emerging Mike Jenkins have been a huge help, the offensive line has played above expectations, the defense has bent but hasn't  broken often, and Jason Elam and Michael Koenen have been steady all season. It's been a truly fantastic team effort.

Consider this an open thread for all things playoffs. Revel, discuss, or just cheer your way through a Monday. I'll have a complete wrapup up tonight or tomorrow morning.