"WhereIs" Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in my little "hey where ya at?" post. Twenty people, including myself, were gracious enough to reveal their general location. I've compiled the most interesting stats from my number crunching session. I've also thrown in some "coverage" maps and a couple of interesting charts. Now, since the sample size is so low, the data is heavily misconstrued. If you feel you were under-represented, then leave a comment with your location and I can add you to the mix. I plan to keep updating the numbers. Now let's hop to it.

Total User Sample: 20

Users in US: 17

Users outside of US: 3

Projected US userbase: 85% of total users

Projected International userbase: 15% of total users

Here's an interesting stat: 

Projected Georgia userbase: 41.2% of total users

I find it kinda cool that 58.8% of Falcons fans using this site (as projected by the data) reside outside of the Home state.

Here's a couple of charts dealing with the US Users.


We can break that down further with a state-by-state comparison chart.


And here are the maps:US, England, and Australia. All marked (hopefully) in the correct spaces per the user response. And FYI, the Midwest is pink as a whole because we have one particular user who may be in any one of the states.






With more user responses, these maps and charts will only get more accurate. If you've been reading and haven't let it be known from whence you hail, speak up! I'll try my best to keep all this date up to date.

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