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A Very Falcoholic Update: Alive But Encased In Ice

Some of you may have heard about this whole ice storm thing. Currently, most of New England is coated in a thin sheet of frozen water that is bending trees, covering roads and knocking out power. We're thinking of switching to an ice-based economy.

As you might have guessed, I don't have power. My wife and I were visiting my father-in-law after a recent surgery when he lost power and several branches the size of Grady Jackson came thumping down on the roof. I'm currently in one of the dozen or so houses in the state of Maine that actually has electricity, but I'll only be here a short time and conservative estimates put New Hampshire at early next week.

Just in case, I'm preparing a game thread to go up Sunday so you guys can discuss the Falcons while I clean out my flooded basement. With any luck, I'll be able to join you just in time to watch the Falcons stomp a new one arrrr-hole in the Bucs.

Goodnight and good luck, gentle folk!