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Falcons' Antoine Harris On Injured Reserve

This isn't the way I'd like to see this happen, but the Falcons aren't losing much on the field.

I was confused when the team first kept Harris over Daren Stone and a host of other players I figured were much more valuable. He's been more or less solid special teams filler all year, with little upside beyond that. Harris was one of the few remaining question marks on a team that has largely acquitted itself beyond our wildest dreams.

Now Harris out for the year and has been placed on I.R., per the AJC. In his stead, the Falcons have called up cornerback Glenn Sharpe from the practice squad. Sharpe has pretty good size and nice instincts--which he showed in a pre-season where he picked off a pass--but is a very big longshot to have any value for the Falcons this season.