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The Saints Will Hurt Against Falcons Without Reggie Bush

The Falcons are going to have a tough time against the Saints this weekend. I don't wish to alarm you, but they have a few guys over there who are very good at playing "offense." They might even "score" a few "touchdowns" on us. "Oh no."

Still, it's heartening to hear that Reggie Bush won't be at the Dome. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while have a pretty good idea of where I stand on Bush. I think he's vastly overrated as running back, but his value as a pass-catching back is undeniable. The more options Drew Brees has against the Falcons, the more likely he is to fry us as he's done so many hapless defenses this year.

The Saints also insist on using Deuce McAllister, who as recently as a couple of years ago was an elite back but is little more than a league average starting running back now. If the Falcons can get their bread-and-butter first quarter points on the board, the team will have to pass often and won't have the luxury of looking to Bush. If the Falcons can get the pass rush going--something several of you having been calling for all year--they could really do some damage in a game that's likely to be a shootout one way or another.

I may be drinking a pitcher of delicious blue raspberry Kool-Aid here, but I think the Falcons will be able to apply enough defense to hold the Saints to 28 points or fewer. With a less-than-fantastic defense going against them, the Falcons should be able to come up with more than that. I really do believe the difference maker will be the absence of Bush.

For thoughts that seem likely to completely differ from mine, make sure you're heading over to Canal Street Chronicles throughout the weekend. Those poor buggers seem pretty convinced they're going to win!