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Falcons Finally Making Use Of Tight Ends

It took the birds in black signing a tight end who could, I dunno, catch the ball. The important thing is that Justin Peelle is ,finally getting more involved in the offense providing an alternative to pure-blocking tight end Ben Hartsock.

The Falcons probably won't need Peelle as urgently this weekend, given that the Saints couldn't cover a Playboy with a nude picture of Ashley Judd. What's so encouraging here is that the Falcons have found an alternative to their receivers, who aren't exactly the finest bunch of pass catchers in the world. That's not to say that Harry Douglas and (maybe) Laurent Robinson couldn't develop, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to survive in this football world without a decent tight end. The Falcon will almost certainly have to upgrade the position if they want to truly upgrade their pass catching, but Peelle will do nicely for now.

Do you guys think having a true pass-catching tight end is valuable, or would you prefer the Falcons simply stocked up on ends who fit the blocking mold they seem to favor?