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Domonique Foxworth To Start For The Falcons

Brent Grimes began the year as a nice story, but he has to yield his starting job to a story with just a little less luster. Today, Domonique Foxworth has finally learned enough of the defense to take over the spot formerly held by Grimey.

It's a shame that a nagging injury had a role in costing Grimes his job, but with the Falcon pass defense struggling the writing was on the wall. Foxworth was quite highly regarded when he was drafted, but Denver soured on him and he then had to learn the scheme in Atlanta once we swapped him for a low-round draft pick. As of this week, though, he'll get a real shot to boost one of the league's youngest and most ineffective corps.

His tackling and his experience will give him an edge over Grimes, though I doubt we've seen the last of Brent. At the very least, his stunning speed and athleticism could give find him a role as a dime back and possible punt returner. This move also puts more pressure on Chris Houston to succeed; if he continues to show only minimal improvment, Chevis Jackson may be breathing down his neck before long.

I'm in favor of making gains at the position however we can, so Foxworth isn't likely to hurt. At least we didn't sign DeAngelo Hall.