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A Very Falcoholic Thanksgiving

Put yourself in the right frame of mind for the holiday.

Today is a great day to watch some fairly dull matchups, visit with friends and family, and messily devour half a turkey. On this day, I hope you all have a welcoming place to go and good people to spend it with.

Myself, I'm thankful for:

  • The Atlanta Falcons. Not too many seasons as magical as this one. I just hope Matt Ryan doesn't get called back up to his spaceship before we squeeze a long, successful career out of him. 
  • Arthur Blank for finally putting this team in a position to succeed. Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith weren't the most popular or splashy choices, but they sure look like the right ones at this point.
  • My wife, who has somehow kept herself from killing me despite the long days at work, hours spent combing the web and watching for Falcons news, and tendency to launch into five minute diatribes on the Bucs. If I ever disappear for more than a week, you'll all know what happened to me.
  • This blog. I love writing, and despite the fact that it's my day job, my outlet on the Falcons and I'm trying to fit a book in there somewhere, I never get tired of it. I never would've dreamed that I'd actually have an audience for my thoughts on the team, and I'm eternally grateful for the shot.
  • And last but not at all least, the best group of readers out there. Sure, sometimes you swear, or make no sense, or correct my glaring wrongs (you jerks!) You're also insightful, consistently funny and keep up with the team without being completely blind homers. I've enjoyed every second of my 2+ years on The Falcoholic, and I'll enjoy the next (insert number here).

Happy Thanksgiving!