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Roddy White Sits Out His Second Practice Of The Week

The mere mention of a Roddy White injury causes me to burst into tears, so this back bruise business has me throwing a hysterical fit.

Mind you, Rowdy Roddy is still pretty likely to play against the Panthers. The issue here is that White may be starting to get a little banged up after being heavily relied on in the passing game over the course of the season. A quick look at Michael Jenkins reveals that he has almost exactly half of everything White does, making the late bloomer one of the most heavily utilized receivers in the league.

As long as the Falcons are in the playoff hunt, I see no way around it. Matt Ryan trusts Roddy and is going to throw to him more than anyone else, especially given his less-than-stellar options behind him. I talk every week about getting Harry Douglas and Laurent Robinson more involved, but L-Rob is extremely injury prone and the coaching staff is bringing Douglas along slowly. That's probably as it should be.

Still, I would like to see the Falcons continue to feed the ball to Jenkins or even Brian FInneran. Nothing would help White stay healthy more than finding a guy to catch a few more passes.

Do you think I'm babying White, or do you agree he needs a little more help?