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Adam Jennings Released By Atlanta Falcons

You know how when you're little, Christmas morning seems to take forever to come? You used to lay awake and listen to the wind carry the snow outside your window and you just can't fall asleep. It's the anticipation that made it sweet. When it finally came, it was one of the greatest things you could possibly imagine. If only I could draw some real world parallel to that sensation....

Not sure where I was going with that, but hey, the Falcons released Adam Jennings! Never saw that one coming.

The team also picked up former Georgia linebacker/defensive end Brandon Miller--we have way too many linebackers on this roster--and signed receiver Chandler Williams to the practice squad. That's a wise move, given that Williams has shown the ability to do well in the return game. I also genuinely like his potential to contribute in the passing game, albeit only as a low end option.

I've been pretty cruel to Jennings here, but I do wish him well in his NFL career. I hope some team takes a shot on him. I'm just glad the coaching staff has finally mercy-killed a year and a half of some of the most atrocious punt returning I could possibly imagine. We're better off with Harry Douglas. We're better off with Jerious Norwood. Hell, we'd be better off with Mike Smith returning punts, and then he'd lose his top hat.

Still, I'll miss the laughter Jennings brought to our lives.