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Sam Baker Now Definitely Out Against The Raiders

I know I just wrote about Sam Baker the other day, but the severity of his hip injury is apparently more of a factor than I even feared. And rest assured when it comes to injuries, few fear more vigorously than me.

The insanely busy D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC reports that Baker will see a pair of hip specialists, as the talented and injury-prone rookie tries to fix this before it gets much worse. At this point, I'd rather we had him take it easy and not try to rush back. Hip injuries can cause chronic problems and we're going to need Baker for a long time beyond this year.

This leaves Todd Weiner with the start, assuming he can even go. If he doesn't, Quinn Ojinnaka will get a very special start. If he can't go, we will choose the largest Falcoholic reader to take his place. Volunteers?

Send good wishes to your deity of choice that Baker can recover completely within the next couple of weeks so we don't have to put a tackling dummy at this spot.