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Falcons Draw DeAngelo Hall Against Raiders

Remember this?

Now DeAngelo Hall is sleeping on a mattress made of money, serving as the second best cornerback on his own team and playing for a clearly inferior team. How's that working out for you, DeAngelo?

Hall was victimized repeatedly over the first three or four games this season. Monday, he admitted it took him some time to get used to the precise assignments in which coordinator Rob Ryan places his defenders.

“Every scheme I’ve been in has kind of allowed me to do what I like to do,” Hall noted. “But being here, I almost have to do what I’m told. And like I said, it can be a little bit frustrating at times. Two-time Pro Bowler, you know, 20 picks in my career, it’s kind of hard to be told what to do.”

I weep such tears for this man.

In all seriousness, Hall's gotten better as the season's gone on. It's not his fault that the Raiders gave him a ridiculous contract, and nor is it his fault that he just happens to have Nnamdi Asomugha across from him. Still, I haven't forgotten how he whined his way out of Atlanta, and I haven't forgotten that he never quite lived up to expectations with the Falcons.

So this weekend, even if Hall doesn't want anything to do with us, I expect he'll get a few looks at Roddy White & Co. The Raiders have a pretty tough secondary and we're going to hear about the matchup whether we like it or not, so let's embrace it. Let's take the chance to beat one of our ghosts and seal him up once and for all.