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Five Questions With Bleeding Green Nation



You guys asked them, and JasonB of Bleeding Green Nation kindly answered them. Forgive the crunch with this and the open thread, as this is the first time I've been on a computer for more than ten minutes this weekend.

I selected five of your questions to send on to Jason, so be sure to check out the answers before the game and after the jump.


BVaz: They seem to have had a few games recently where they have had some trouble putting teams away (Washington, San Fran), and I'm curious as to why they think that has been happening. Cockiness? Sloppy D?

Jason B: I'm not sure I'd call the losses to Washington and San Fran a case of not putting teams away. The Eagles were losing both games in the 3rd quarter. Against those two teams I'd say they're biggest problem has been stopping the run. To start the year the Eagles were dominant against the run, they hadn't let a runner go over 70 or so yards... The last two games that's really broken down and I think that's led to a lot of trouble. The offense has struggled as well especially on 3rd downs and in the red zone, but injuries have certianly played a part there. WHen you're down your starting TE, both starting WRs from last year, pro bowl RB, and pro bowl RG you're bound to struggle...

AuditDawg: How much of an impact should Westbrook's return make to the Philly offense?

JB: I'm trying to think of the most outrageous possible hyperbole here... All joking all aside his return should be huge. He changes everything, not only with his production in both the passing and running game... but how he changes the way teams play us.

Hamburger: From an outsiders prospective, it seemed over the past few years that the Eagles were a team stocked with legit #2 wide receivers, but no real #1. With the early season success of Rookie DeSean Jackson (who clearly seems to be your #1), I somewhat expected the eagles receiving corps to soidify and for a pecking order to emerge; thus far (and I'm basing this on stats only) that hasn't seemed to happen. Is it due to Reggie Brown taking a step back, the early season injury to Kevin Curtis, Hank Baskett being too tired from fornicating with Kendra, or a combination of all of the above??

JB: Injuries have certainly been an issue there.  Reggie Brown has only actually played significant snaps in 2 games. Kevin Curtis, who led us in recieving last year with over a thousand yards hasn't played at all this year... Actually, if you combine those players with Brian Westbrook(who has missed a bunch of games as well) they accounted for well over 70% of the Eagles offense last year. They've yet to play a game together so far this year. So the hope is that with everyone back and Desean Jackson added to the mix the offense should hopefully start to hit its stride.

BTW, Reggie Brown is apparently still struggling with a groin injury and may not play....

iloveroddywhite: How big of a loss is shawn andrews to your offensive line? seems like that could help us plug the run and maybe get some sacks.

JB: There's no doubt that it's tough to lose a two time pro bowler anywhere and the loss of Shawn Andrews hasn't been easy. That said, his backup Max Jean Gilles has improved every week. Max is a massive guy who is very strong and tough to move... but he lacks Andrews' speed. What makes Andrews so good is his ability to pull and lead block on the edges or get downfield on screens an pave the road... Max is just not the type of player. That said, Max did flatten Patrick Willis on a scree last week so maybe he's starting to figure it out. He's only 24 so more playing time can only help.

Grayson: Is this an almost certain win for the Eagles? Because it seems to me (and maybe others) that with Westbrook returning as well as Curtis that this team should not be beat. I can't see us winning and I am not being a negative fan, I am just saying that the match-ups do not favour us, seeing as we only have 1 road win.

JB: Not at all. This a .500 team right now. I do think they're better than they've played but there is some truth to that old cliche "You're as good as your record says." The Eagles have been so wildly up and down this year it's hard to figure them out. If the same Eagles defense comes out today as came out against the Steelers this year... Yeah, I think we win this easy. If the same Eagle defense shows up that we saw against Washington this year? I'd give Atlanta a very good shot to win. It's hard to say.

The interesting stat that you'll probably hear today is that Andy Reid has never lost a regular season game after the bye week. Actually, the only game he's ever lost after a bye was the superbowl.

Thanks again to JasonB and good luck to those over at Bleeding Green Nation!