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The Falcons Should Sign Terrance Copper



This man is former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Terrance Copper. Canal Street Chronicles reports that the Saints cut the special teams standout and capable pass catcher. I'm not going to dance around this, guys. I think we should cut Adam Jennings and sign this guy.

Yes, I know Copper hasn't consistently returned kicks for a few years now. I know he's not necessarily going to crack our top three or four receivers, and I'm fine with that. But I'm willing to stake my $5 weekly salary that Copper can return a punt ten yards without dropping it, falling down or exploding into a ball of flame.

He'd also upgrade the back end of the receiving corps and could certainly compete for playing time, which would not be unwelcome. Copper's also only 26 years old, so it's not like we're bringing in some old fart to gimp around after kickoffs. There isn't tremendous upside here, but there is upside and virtually no downside.

I say we go for it. What do you think?