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The Injury Escalator Goes Up And Down For Falcons

The Falcons are getting more mixed news than DJ Quik flipping Dan Rather, and unfortunately centered around both of our lines.

Let's tackle the good news first, because I always like to make sure you're depressed by the time you're finished with one of my posts. In good news, the Falcons are getting back behemoth offensive tackle Renardo Foster; if nothing else, he can form a human wall at right tackle. Having a guy that huge who actually has a little skill can only help our depleted offensive line, as it allows Tyson Clabo to possibly swing inside if he's needed.

The bad news is that we're down one Trey Lewis for the rest of the season. Lewis suffered a knee injury last year that he re-aggravated in March, and one of the team's most promising young players last year now has a very long road to recovery. If this gives him a better of coming back and potentially serving as one of our top three defensive tackles next season, I'm glad they're shutting him down. Still rough to lose him, though.