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Topic Of Discussion: What's The QB Solution?

I want the community to take a real crack at this, as I do believe what the Falcons do to solve their quarterback dilemma will resonate for years to come. If you were Tom Dimitroff, what would you do to fill the void at QB? Consider these delicious, pre-packaged options, or come up with your own:

1) Keep Redman, Leftwich, Harrington.

2) Keep Redman, dump the rest and spend a first round pick on a quarterback.

3) Keep no one, use a pair of draft picks and sign a free agent.

4)Keep two of the quarterbacks on the roster, draft a middle rounder and let the older gents tutor him.

5) Decide that inserting yourself as QB is probably the best damn option, get depressed, watch a Wings marathon and eat a container of Cherry Garcia.

Without giving away my own point of view, I vote for #4. What are your thoughts?