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Mike Smith, Welcome To Hell...Err, Atlanta

Congratulations, Mike Smith! You've just stepped into a situation where half the fan base doesn't know who the hell you are and the other half doesn't like you because you're not a big name. You also have a general manager in the same boat, a domineering owner and a roster roughly half-stocked with sourpusses and other players you probably don't want.

Boy, this is gonna be great!

Gin-fueled pessimism aside, I still think the decision to hire Mike Smith was made for the right reasons. He's a football guy through and through, just like Comrade Dimitroff. He's quiet and unassuming and has long toiled as an effective coordinator and assistant coach. He also doesn't have a reputation for being a space reptile unable to communicate with his players or the kind of guy that tucks them into bed at night. Players can respect someone in between, and lord knows we'd like our players to go through a season quietly and happily.

Nothing about Smith says flashy--including his name--but I don't really give two good goddamns about that. We tried player's coach and we tried big name over the last few years, and it got us one brilliant season and three ranging from mediocre to lousy. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm sick and tired of losing. I love a lot of our players and I'm still damn proud to say I'm a Falcons fan, but it would be nice to string together more than one winning season.

Sure, Smith and Dimitroff might fail. But at least they're being given a chance to succeed by the guys on top of this organization. If Blank and McKay can stick to business and resist the temptation to meddle, I think this combo has a chance to work. Even if I'm hard-up for a nickname for Mr. Smith, I'm going to say congratulations and cross my fingers. With any luck, this team will make some more confidence-affirming moves in the near future.

For the love of Tuggle, though, please hire a real offensive coordinator. Mike Mularkey can't even spell offense, much less teach it to anyone.

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you to check out Big Cat Country, our Jags blogger. I think his take on this is worth a read.