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Steve Spagnuolo The Lead Horse?

We won't know until after the Super Bowl, but that in itself is an indication that Steve Spagnuolo may be the Falcons' first choice. The team seems extremely serious about chasing defensive coordinators, and Stevie Spags has done a quality job despite weak options in his secondary. He clearly deserves an interview.

At the same time, the Falcons appear to be idling until then. Dimitroff and Blank has called in guys like Leslie Frazier from Minnesota and Mike Smith from Jacksonville, but they're apparently not being considered until Spagnuolo gets a chance to drop by the office. I want to trust this process in Dimitroff's fresh hands, but I would also like there to be a serious effort to interview other candidates. I'm not saying it's not happening; but no interviews until the Super Bowl sounds a little strange to me.

We'll see, I guess.