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Dimitroff Stresses Building Through The Draft

Before we launch into the article proper on this one, I wanted to note that Dimitroff has the squarest head I've ever seen in my life. If he were a Saints fan, he'd have to wear a box on his head. I'm in awe.

That's not what I'm here to talk about, though. Instead, I'm here to be encouraged by the good Comrade's stated intent to draft according to need (sal, your dream is coming true!). He also said he'll take a real look at free agency and the draft, confessing to being a so-called "QB snob":

"The draft right now as it sets up, there are definitely some players who will get out of the first round, and I think some are very adept quarterbacks," Dimitroff said. "Somebody is going to land a very viable candidate to come in and eventually be a starter in the league.

"We've seen that over the years, just because you're a first-round quarterback, that does not necessarily mean they are going to be successful. Tommy Brady went 199th in the sixth round. I always keep that in mind."

And we even get the obligatory Tom Brady reference, which should cause a few swoons among our most dainty readers. Even though he appears to be getting piecemeal responsibility after Blank affirmed he'd have a role in the head coach hiring sweepstakes, it appears he'll have full license to put together a roster. As worried as I am about who will end up being coach, we still have the right guy mulling over the draft and free agency.

My guess is that Dimitroff will still be pressured from above into taking a QB in the first round. If he really doesn't like any of the big three candidates, I think he should stuff Blankay into a closet somewhere and go about his business. A middle-to-low round sleeper paired with Chris Redman and possibly a free agent like Cleo Lemon might be just what the doctor ordered. It'd be nice to know that the draft might target those gaping holes along the offensive line, if nothing else.

As an addendum, Pudge from FalcFans openly wondered yesterday what the hell is going on with the coaching search. I suggest you give it a read, as I think we've all been a little wary about the way this thing has been unfolding.