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Rex Ryan Leading The Pack?

If Len Pasquarelli can be believed, the Falcons are wooing Rex Ryan pretty damn vigorously. I know the Ravens defense coordinator isn't a first choice for a lot of you, but he did serve in his position for one of the best defenses in recent memory. That counts for something.

My main concern is that he's been declared a frontrunner without having even met Dimitroff. My impression was that the good Comrade was going to be heading the search for the new coach, but it appears that Blank and McKay's fingerprints are still all over the process. This especially concerns me given how ineptly the two of them handled the last coaching search, which led us to convicted asshole Bobby Petrino. Dimitroff needs a chance to meet and greet these guys, since he'll have to be the one working with them.

I'm not saying Rex Ryan isn't the right choice; I happen to think he might just be a good one. I just hope Dimitroff really is leading this search, because otherwise we're getting screwed again.