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Just Say No To Pete Carroll

History repeats itself.

If the Atlanta Falcons have taught us anything through the years, it's that they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If Arthur Blank has taught us anything, it's that his best intentions don't equal success. If Pete Carroll has taught us anything, it's that some guys are awesome college coaches and mediocre pro coaches.

Apparently, it takes someone outside the organization to see that.

Don't get me wrong. Pete Carroll is terrific at his current job. He inspires his kids, recruits well and has banked some serious dough as the coach of the repeatedly awesome USC Trojans. It's just that I'm a little wary of the 33-31 record as an NFL head coach, particularly because some of that was due to his inheritance of a talented Patriots team from the immortal Bill Parcells. I also don't particularly like that after chasing a hotshot college coach and watching the move crash and burn like a slow motion Hindenburg, Blank feels the need to make a splash by looking in the same place.

I don't have to tell you, then, how little I would think of giving Pete Carroll full control over football operations. Of all the candidates the Falcons have tossed around for their head coaching vacancy, Carroll has to be the one I'm doing the fewest jumping jacks for. If he was inheriting a talented team and could focus solely on the draft, I might be willing to give him some grudging consideration. Given that this team is several players and a bright coach away from being a Super Bowl contender, I think I'll pass on a proven NFL mediocrity.

Give me Singletary or Rex Ryan, please?