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Big Bad Open Thread: Falcons vs. Vikings

Yeah, I know what you're asking. Where's the game preview? Because I don't have time to get up the kind of in-depth masterpiece I'd like to, I'll sum it up quick and easy:

The Falcons will win this game. Because I'm predicting it, the score will be nothing like the 28-17 final score I'm predicting, but I expect it to be reasonably close. Harrington will do better than expected and the secondary will manage to play well enough to hold on. The team will walk out of there and give us all a warm feeling they're sure to crush later on this season.

Now that's a prediction.

Who? Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings
Where? Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Weather? There's no weather in a dome, numbnuts.
Fun Fact? Vikings did not actually wear horned helmets into battle, making the team's surly logo less realistic. Then again, most Vikings also probably didn't wear purple spandex. Most.
Injuries? Official Site has one; Coleman and Crocker are out, with Jackson likely to play but not a certainty. Expect to see a lot of Babineaux, Trey Lewis and Montavius Stanley.
Odds? 3.0, 36 O/U
Foe? Visit Daily Norseman if you want to learn more about the Vikings or taunt their fans.

Let's open the season with style and kick some Viking ass!

Update [2007-9-9 13:18:56 by Dave the Falconer]: Inexcusable. This is a team that can't afford mistakes like that, especially mistakes like that which are returned for TDs. Let's see how they rebound.

Update [2007-9-9 14:28:25 by Dave the Falconer]: Anyone who criticzed our offense is going to point to this first half as proof, but it's one half of one game. I'm taking deep breaths right now. Harrington has looked good aside from the interception and the team looks like it's a big run or an actual kicker away from putting points on the board. I hope they come roaring out.