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Shoveling Dirt On The Saints While I Still Can

With apologies to my talented batterymate over at Canal Street Chronicles, I'm going to attempt to describe that game. Teams as good as the Saints aren't supposed to look that bad, even against the Colts. I'm choosing to enjoy this while I can. So in the spirit of being a total asshole to a rival's fanbase, here are some handy things the Falcons could do and still play better than the Saints:

  • Fall down a lot
  • Pee their collective pants
  • Run backwards into their own end zone
  • Replace Lewis Sanders with Louis Armstrong
  • Field a team of Morten Andersen clones
  • Cover Roddy White's hands with fuel oil and light them on fire
  • Wear their helmets backwards
  • Take up soccer
  • Hire me to coach the team
  • Tie the entire team together
  • Start Artose Pinner
  • Listen to John Madden
  • Show up on Tuesday for the game
  • Stop breathing
Seriously, my very tiny amount of sympathy goes to the Saints, because I'm going to be very unhappy when and if it happens to us. But what the hell. Suggest more stuff in the comments.