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Dunn Ain't Done, Gets Starting Nod

Warrick Dunn's 76 yards away from Jamal Anderson for third on the franchise's all-time rushing yardage list, which is either an indictment of our running backs in general or a really awesome thing for Dunn. I'm leaning toward the latter, and it looks like Dunn will get plenty of chances to move up the list.

According to the AJC, Dunn's going to start. I still favor a back by committee approach to this season. Norwood is an explosive option and Dunn is a little rusty and coming off back surgery, a fairly significant concern this early in the season. But Dunn still probably has enough left in the tank to pop off another 1,000 yard season, and I have to believe Petrino will use both backs wisely. In that case, it probably makes sense to get the veteran out there to begin the game.

 The Vikings have an average run defense in my reckoning, so I don't expect the Falcons to have too much trouble rolling over their defensive line. I expect the coaching staff to try to ease Harrington into this game, at least for the first half, so hopefully Dunn will get out there and have success early. It could set the tone for his season--and determine how involved Norwood gets.