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Jimmy Williams Likely To Start

It took a knee injury to Chris Crocker, but it appears JIMMAY! is going to start now. His week one performance is going to be absolutely key now, because if Crocker's ready beyond that Jimmy's going to have to fend him off. It may even still be moot, because the coaching staff seems pretty determined to start Crocker if he's healthy enough.

And on some level, this makes sense. Crocker was about as average a safety as possible last year, another case of the known quantity winning out. But Jimmy Williams wasn't moved to safety because he hits hard and has safety-hair. It's because his coverage skills hadn't really developed yet, and until the last game of the preseason they didn't look like they were going to. I think Jimmy Williams could be a good safety down the line, and he damn well better be to justify the second round pick the Falcons used on him. If he's going to be a complete liability in coverage, though, I'd rather trot Crocker out there for a little while.

That being said, I hope Jimmy lights the world on fire against the Vikings.