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The Early Blogger Gets The Open Thread: Falcons vs. Texans

Update [2007-9-30 18:3:47 by Dave the Falconer]: Our first win is a glorious one. The running game was improved, the defense did just enough, and the passing game continued to look downright awesome. At this rate Leftwich better get used to his spot on the bench. More thoughts later, but for now celebrate being 1-3! It's way too early for this, but here's your open thread. Remember that the thread is open so y'all can leave comments on the game as it's ongoing; they can be lonely places, these open threads. For my part I'll hopefully be able to catch up with the game about halfway through, but if anything huge happens in the first half you guys will have to let me know. Without further ado...

Who? Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons, 1:00 P.M. ET
Where? Da Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Weather? Weather? We don't need no stinkin' weather!
Fun Fact? The Texans are down their #1 running back, their top three receivers, a talented strong safety and defensive end, and their starting center. That kinda sucks for them.
Injuries? Babineaux and Blakley are definitely out, with Trey Lewis and Martrez Milner playing in their steads. Crocker, Hall, Weiner and Lewis Sanders are all probable and will most likely all play, though Hall won't start.
Odds?Atlanta favored 3.0, O/U 39.5
Foe? The amazingly kind folks at Battle Red Blog, who have managed not to taunt me about Schaub until my head explodes off my shoulders like a missile. Go say hello and rub it in if we start winning.

Let's take advantage of this injured team!