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DeAngelo Hall Faces A Little Bit Of Wrath

Contrary to what my stance may seem like, I actually like DeAngelo Hall. He may be too much of a talker, but I've always thought he had the physical skills to be a shutdown corner.

Who knows if it will happen for the Falcons now. It's a relatively light punishment, according to to the AJC, but somehow Hall isn't happy about it. He knows as well as I know that that series of calls was pretty dubious, but that's not why he's being punished. He's being punished for exploding on the sideline, which is at once a function of his competitiveness and a little bit of a prima donna streak. If Hall was smart he'd take his slap on the wrist (less than I expected from Petrino) and move on with it, but I doubt he will. That's why I can see an ugly situation brewing that ends with D-Hall not returning next season. I hope it doesn't turn out that way, but if Hall can't get his mouth to stop running it's at least possible.

That being said, I hope this whole thing blows over fast. Andre Johnson might not be available for Sunday's game, but we're going to need D-Hall at some point and I'd rather not see him stuck on the bench for the whole game.