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Wide Open Thread, Falcons vs. Panthers

Now that we're sitting at 0-2 with smoke, sparks and fire coming out of this team in every location, it's time to start seriously worrying about the season. If we lose to the Panthers, then it's time to really start worrying.

Who? Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers, 4:15 ET
Where? Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Weather? In the mighty dome, weather has no reign.
Fun Fact? Steve Smith has 271 yards receiving and 4 TDs in only two games. Holy crap. That's not fun at all.
Injuries? Chris Crocker and Rod Coleman are unlikely to do much; I'm still uncertain about L-Rob.
Odds? Atlanta favored (?), 4.0, O/U 37.5
Foe? Go check out Cat Scratch Reader for the Panthers perspective and other such nonsense. Feel free to rag on Panthers fans, as well.

Let's actually do something on offense!

Update [2007-9-23 16:26:14 by Dave the Falconer]: Damnit! Joey Harrington comes out strong and the defense posts a nice stop...and then Warrick Dunn fumbles it away. I love you, Warrick, but that's completely unacceptable. Get Pinner and Norwood some carries, right the hell now!

Update [2007-9-23 17:25:1 by Dave the Falconer]: The last person I would've expected to emerge as a playmaker this year is the one doing it. Roddy White has 5 catches for 112 yards and a TD in the first half, and busted through a couple of tacklers on his way to a 69 yard jaunt to the end zone. Yes, we're losing, but I have a really good feeling about the second half of this game.

Update [2007-9-23 17:49:52 by Dave the Falconer]: Now THAT is a first half. Joey Harrington piles up over 250 yards in the first half and good showings from Roddy White and Mike Jenkins. This is a winnable game, and whatever Petrino's magic potion was in practice this week, it's freakin' awesome.