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Morten Andersen's Sense Of Humor

Great Steve Wyche article in the AJC today where he talks to Morten Andersen about the old jokes we are all so fond of cracking. To wit:

"I've seen all of the jokes. I've seen the blogs. I've gotten e-mails already," Andersen continued. "'Morten was watching Jurassic Park and started crying. It brought back nice memories. Morten went to an antique store and they wanted to keep him.' Real funny guys, funny guys. Monday, they did carbon testing on me, and it was beautiful. It's good to be back."

In the world of the NFL where players take umbrage to almost everything written about them, this is both refreshing and hilarious. If he's going to continue to be effective and graciously allow immature bloggers to poke fun at him, I say he should play until he's 70. I think I have enough material to last until then.

Most importantly, though, he's going to be a hell of a lot better than Matt Prater. If the Falcons can get him within 40 yards a couple times a game (sad that I have to put an if there), then I see no reason why he can't do good things for us.

And Morten, if you're reading blogs looking for old jokes about you....I got you covered.