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Is Roddy White Capable Of More Success Than Suckness?

That's the question being posed by T. Love over at Falcon Reporter, who wonders if White can have some consistent success in the league. As he points out, Hot Roddy has always had the physical tools but the mental aspect of the game has long eluded him. It's been so long since the Falcons have had a stellar wide receiver that I shed a little tear just thinking about it.

So can Roddy be that guy? T. Love likes his chances to do something against the Panthers, but unfortunately White's in a bad position. Until the team can keep Harrington on his feet and reasonably safe for a whole game, he's not going to be in a position to take his time and find receivers. While the Panthers have been subpar on defense much of the year, they also have incredible sack automaton Julius Peppers primed and ready to go. I've been impressed with White's effort so far this year, but he's going to need a quarterback to throw to him and I'm not entirely convinced that's going to happen just yet.

It is scary to think of what White could do it he kept running routes and catching well. Yes, they're two of the most basic things a receiver can do, but he's historically struggled with it (hence my favorite nickname, Dropsy) and needs to get on track. With Jenkins in the coaching doghouse and Joe Horn looking like Redd Foxx, it's up to Roddy White and Laurent Robinson to seize playing time and show us what they've got.

Let's hope they do it.