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53 Man Roster, Activate!

Some of those cuts were completely bizarre and others made perfect sense. Obviously it'd be a pretty short and dull post if I wrote about the obvious cuts. As much as I would've liked to have seen him make the team, it was pretty clear that Noriaki Kinoshita wasn't going to stick after a while. No, I want to focus on the biggest surprises and the more gratifying moves. Let's start with:

1. Allen Rossum heads to the Steelers: If you would've told me two days ago that we could actually get something for Rossum, I would've called you a damn fool. Rossum's only worth to an NFL team at this point is as a kick returner, and the Falcons clearly thought Jennings could do a better job anyways. The draft choice definitely sweetens the deal here, but I'm glad to see Jennings getting a real shot at this.

2. Billy Cundiff out, Matt Prater in: This was easily the most unexpected move to me. After fending off lightly regarded Aaron Elling, I thought Cundiff had the job sewn up. I wasn't overly thrilled with it, of course, but it's still better than Matt Prater. That's not to say that Prater can't have a better year, but he's such an unknown quantity that I'm a little cautious. Cundiff was likely to be a source of frustration this year, but I generally prefer a guy who's had a little success in the league at kicker. That being said, if the coaching staff believes in Prater I'll probably give him a chance.

3. The odd cuts, especially on the offensive line: Nobody said PJ Alexander and Frank Omiyale were going to rescue the line. About the only thing they could probably rescue between the two of them would be a bacon cheeseburger, and even then I wouldn't really call it rescuing. At the same time, they provided decent depth at a position where it was needed. It seems odd that the Falcons are placing so little emphasis on backup linemen when a single injury could severely weaken Joey Harrington's chance of living. I also found the Paul Carrington cut a little strange. Mallard is known for having a good motor, but he's really only useful for edge rushing and I felt like Carrington was the more well-rounded D-lineman.

Overall, though, I didn't feel like there were a ton of surprises. Take a good look at the team out there now, because barring a Leftwich pickup (cross your fingers) or injuries, this is how we're starting the season.

God, I can't wait for the opener.