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Terence Moore Feasts On The Joy Of Others

Reaction to the Byron Leftwich signing has been mixed, at best. I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll work out over the long haul but I understand the skepticism. He is what he is, but I figured at the very least he should be a capable backup.

Not so Terence Moore, who like Grendel has emerged from his dank den to terrorize us once more. There are times when I enjoy Moore's particular brand of nasty cynicism toward everything and everyone, but this is not one of those times. Instead of acknowledging that Leftwich represents a probable upgrade at quarterback, Moore says he has a nice smile--and then lays into him:

He just can't play as efficiently anymore. He gets hurt too much. He also has a goofy throwing motion. And did we mention his mobility is slightly better than that of a goalpost?

Hayzeus Christie, tell us what you really think. The guy is only 27 years old and has had success as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Can you say that about Chris Redman? And yes, we all know he's totally immobile. But weren't you one of the leading members of the "Vick sucks because he runs too much" bandwagon? That he wasn't a real NFL quarterback because of that? You just can't feel the warm grip of happiness, can you?

To be fair, Leftwich is "better than the starting statue," according to Moore. Of course, this isn't entirely accurate either because Harrington can move around a little. It's the line that's killing him, another fact Moore acknowledges. So if the line isn't fixed, I agree Leftwich probably won't do much. But if they can protect him or even Harrington, I have a feeling we'll be a lot more successful this year and in the future. Leftwich is really only an injury risk if he's being knocked around in the pocket all day long or if he breaks his ankle trying to chase down Terence Moore after this column.