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The NFC South Patrol, Week 2

Here's a feature that may become regular if I ever get off my lazy ass long enough to keep it running: a brief look at the reaction to games around the NFC South from my brotherly bloggers. I'll basically just be linking to their game post and quoting them, but I'd encourage to go check them out on your own and see where they stand. If they say anything cruel about the Falcons, you bet your ass I'll be there.

Buc 'Em: JScott is thrilled that his team beat up on the hapless Saints. He also has kind words for vaguely effeminate QB Jeff Garcia:

"There's not a single excuse Saints fans can use for the demolition derby they experienced today. They just got man handled from start to finish. Today was a huge test for this team. It was a test to see if the players would come out flat, expecting a loss. What we saw was a team determined to prove they have what it takes. I've said it all off-season and I'll continue to say it: This team is going to SHOCK competition this season. We've never had a Quarterback that can make things happen like a Jeff Garcia."

I hate to be cruel, but when you're calling Jeff Garcia the best quarterback you've ever had...your franchise has a horrible history. Almost as horrible as the orange "Yarr, I'm Totally A Pirate" uniforms your team used to wear. They've been surprisingly decent so far, but I don't expect that to last too long.

Cat Scratch Reader: Either the Texans are a lot better than anyone thought or the Panthers are pretty awful. I don't know what it is with this particular division and their running games, but the Panthers have a tandem back set that also stinks. I wonder if it's their offensive line?

Speaking of offensive offenses:

The Offense: D

Outside of Steve Smith there wasn't much positive to build on. They moved the ball pretty well at times but couldn't sustain drives. If it wasn't because of a turnover it was a rushed throw or a sack on 3rd down. At no point did get the running game going. They had some success on throws to the RB in flat or screen plays. When Houston brought the rush we couldn't make them pay with short passes to the TE like they did to Owen Daniel. Carter and Colbert did OK but they both had a drop. Jake made some nice throws and others he didn't look too sharp. 21 points just isn't going to get it in this league.


Canal Street Chronicles: Who saw this coming? Raise your hands. Anyone who put their hands up can lower them again, because you're all lying. The Saints were the easy favorite to win the NFC South simply because they were, on paper, the more talented and effective team. So instead of living up to expectations, they took the typical Saints road out and decided to just kinda be a really bad team. It's only two weeks and I'm not willing to count them out yet, but those familiar paper bags are inching into the picture:

I had to work this morning, so I didn't turn the game on until the start of the fourth quarter. When I did, the sideline reporter for the radio broadcast said something to the tune of, "The Bucs are faster, stronger, better coached and they want it more." Those of you who caught the game -- did he miss anything?

And please, check out the graphic he made. It's so awesome.