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Byron Leftwich Signs A Two Year Deal

The Atlanta Falcons DID wandereth the desert for two games, and verily they DID sucketh it hard. Lo, they DID raise their cry to the sky and ask for help in their most sucktastical journey.  And in answer to their calls, The McKay DID send a most wondrous Byron Leftwich in response. Placated, the Falcons DID rattle off 14 wins in a row on way to a most glorious Super Bowleth victory.

Now that we've gotten the exuberance out of the way, let's take a look at how this is likely to affect the Falcons. First off, it's going to have virtually no effect for the next few weeks. Anyone expecting Leftwich to ride in and clean up this backwards stadium is guilty of wishful thinking. That's why the team signed him to a two year deal; to learn the system this year, possibly supplant Harrington at the end of the season and then come into next year as the starter if he's healthy and effective. Steve Wyche of the AJC even thinks Harrington will be looking over his shoulder in the next few weeks, as his performance could determine if he keeps his job.

Just don't expect miracles from Byron Leftwich. He's a capable quarterback with a nice arm and limited mobility. That might mean he works well in Petrino's system and it meant mean he bombs in it.  I think part of the reason he was cut is because Jack Del Rio got caught up in a political situation that he felt he had to remedy (bizarrely). I'm well aware his severe lack of mobility would make him a sitting duck behind this offensive line at the moment, but long term he has a deep arm that's going to fit our new offense better. With Roddy White and Laurent Robinson stretching the field, dink and dunk plays are going to eventually have to go out the window. It's a signing that makes sense, it comes at a reasonable price, and at worst he can probably keep the backup spot warm for whatever rookie quarterback we draft next year. This is a no-way-we-can-lose signing, and that's the only kind I like.