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This Thread Is Open For Business: Falcons vs. Jags

I'm not predicting a Falcons win here, but I'm crossing my fingers that my reverse voodoo jinx will have some kind of positive effect. Something like a 300 yard, 4 TD explosion from Joey Harrington would do the trick. I'd even settle for a 150 yard, 2 TD pop if it didn't come with any huge mistakes attached. I'm begging, here.

Who? Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars
Where? Alltell Stadium, Jacksonville, Florida
Weather? Warm, partly cloudy, chance of rain. Pretty typical Florida weather.
Fun Fact? Josh Scobee hurt his quad badly last week and will probably be out at least a month. The best part is that he hurt it during pre-game warmups. At least it's not Vince Coleman being rolled into a tarp machine bad.
Injuries: Coleman and Crocker out definitely, Scobee and Meester out for the Jags.
Odds? Jacksonville the favorite, spread 10.0, O/U 34.5
Foe? Visit our Jaguars blog over at Big Cat Country to follow up on our erstwhile foes. River City Rage has vanished mysteriously, but I'll try to have five follow-up questions with him after the game.

Let's recover our lost dignity and destroy the Jaguars!

Update [2007-9-16 10:46:44 by Dave the Falconer]: River City Rage has kindly stopped by and posted his answers to my questions in the diaries section. Check them out if you want more info on the Jags.