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Final Injury Report For Week 2

S Chris Crocker, Knee, OUT: After Jimmy Williams acquitted himself last week, he might've gotten the start anyways. But Crocker's injury appears worse than the coaching staff originally said it was, and he's probably at the very least questionable already for Week 3. I'd rather have Jimmy starting. He's the younger option and he has more potential. Still, we don't have a lot of safety depth and not having Crocker around does hurt.

DT Rod Coleman, Knee, OUT: After his tragic boating accident, it's little surprise to see Coleman on the report. We could really use him back right about now, but it's likely we won't see him until Week 5. Alas, alack!

WR Laurent Robinson, Hamstring, QUES: Uh oh. The dynamic young receiver who has come to save our passing game has a 50% chance of missing this game. This does not bode well. Hopefully the rest of the receiving corps will step up, especially Joe Horn. If they don't and L-Rob misses the game, this could be a very ugly Sunday.

The Rest: Crumpler was limited in practice, but he'll be on the field. Forney has a player decision to make, but I have no idea what that's going to lead to. Mike Boley was limited in practice on Thursday but I don't have any other information to go on. Let's assume he's playing.

Key Jags Injuries: K Josh Scobee is out and so is C Brad Meester. Two of their better players, so that can only help us.