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Behold The Power Rankings; ESPN Thinks We're Awful

They're hardly the first ones to do so, but ESPN's evil council of power ranking has brought the hammer down hard on the Falcons. I'd like to rant about how undervalued our team is, but any national outlet who only pays attention to the Falcons once a week pretty much had to rank them pretty low. Honestly I don't understand why the Bucs and the Chiefs get to be ahead of us with their craptacular showings on Sunday, But the fact remains that based on a single week's showing, the Falcons absolutely deserve to be right near the bottom. I'm not too concerned about it.

I am worried that this loss could pigeonhole us for the whole season. Getting brutalized by the Vikings tends to put a certain picture in people's minds, and I'm worried that close losses or quality wins aren't going to do much to move us up the ladder. The problem with these rankings is that they tend to get locked in, and if the Falcons go on an uptick I'd like very much if they got their due. If we keep stinking the house out, though, we'll be lucky if we're not living in the basement.