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Falcons Ditch Elling, Get With Arlen Harris

I'm beginning to think Bobby Petrino has some sort of weird fetish with signing new guys during training camp. In this case the coaching staff clearly decided that Aaron Elling was basically useless and cut him, a decision that leaves us with Billy Cundiff as the default kicker at the moment. While I do think Cundiff has a better leg, he's also not known for accuracy, in the same way that Dan Snyder is not considered cheap.

The Arlen Harris pickup is a little puzzling. He's had some experience with the Lions and the Rams, and at 5'10 and 212 he might have a chance to get some goal line carries. On the other hand, he's never done anything all that exciting and has proven such in two different stops. The Falcons either aren't huge fans of Vincent and Snelling or just feel like they'd be better served by experience at the position. It's not like it's a bad move, but I think the Falcons should be aiming to do a little better than average to below average with their backups, if possible.