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SCLC Doesn't Plan To Honor Vick; Order Restored to Universe

Earlier I criticized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for their plans to honor Vick. I charged that Vick wasn't someone who deserved to be honored at the same conference where Obama was speaking and Dr. King was being recognized. I also said I hoped it was just a measure of support rather than honor.

Hopes answered:

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference never meant to give the impression that it planned to honor accused dogfighter Michael Vick at its convention this week.

"There is no award or no honoring of Michael Vick," said SCLC spokesman David Spokes."

As I see it, one of three things happened here. Either the SCLC never really intended to honor Vick and this was an honest mixup, president Charles Steele took a ton of flak from the rest of the organization, or the public reaction was too much. Honestly, I'm just relieved that Mike Vick doesn't have to put himself and everyone there in a very awkward position. Right now, Vick's only chance at redemption is to stay out of the limelight and be found innocent in a court of law. Anything less is just going to fuel the debate around him, which everyone from the Falcons to the league clearly would like to avoid.

It's much better to remind people that Vick is still considered innocent than to try to hold him up on a pedestal, and I'm glad that's not going to happen.